Friday, October 3, 2014

The Turbulent Teens

High school is often a turbulent time in a student’s life with the many changes that adolescence brings. Students are changing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Often this leads to difficulties or a crisis in their lives, which will manifest itself here at school. The faculty and staff want you to know that we are here for you and your children if difficulties or a crisis arises.  Your child should know that he/she may talk with any teacher.  If boys would rather speak with a man, they can speak with Mr. Greenly. He welcomes being able to come alongside the students here at CCS. If he is not available, Mr. Parris or I are available to assist them.  

If girls have a concern or issue for which they need to talk with an adult, but do not feel comfortable talking to a man, any of our female teachers are more than willing and available to talk with them.

As the school year continues, your child may come home and share with you something that happened in a class or in school that gives you concern. If it has to do with a specific class, please contact the teacher and share with him/her what your child has told you, so that the teacher can verify the information you have received. If it is something that has occurred in school in general, please contact me and I will investigate the concern. One of my former bosses once stated that “one’s perception is one’s reality.”  Often the perception our children have of what is going on in class or school is inaccurate. Scripture indicates that we should have a spirit of discernment, slow to judge and quick to listen, as we approach life’s circumstances.

On October 15, most of the high school students will be testing all morning.  The 9th grade students will be taking the Stanford Achievement Test, and the 10th and 11th grade students will be taking the PSAT. Seniors will not have to arrive at school until 10:30. When they arrive, they will report to the multi-purpose room where a class picture will be taken and they will be measured for graduation caps and gowns.  Students will have 5th period classes and lunch, followed by the high school's annual PowderPuff tournament.

Below are some important dates:

October 15     PSAT/Stanford Achievement Test - Grades 9-11, HS Powderpuff Tournament
October 17      CCS Chicken Barbecue
October 18      CCS Country Auction

Randy Hepler

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