Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We're Back!

After a much needed break, students and staff returned to school with anticipation for the new year. The break not only allowed for students to reflect upon and celebrate the coming of our Savior with their families, but also it allowed for the many contagions that had invaded CCS before the break to dissipate. Today was the first day in a significant amount of time that students did not come to the office sick needing attention.

Also returning was our Spanish teacher, Mrs. Garcia.  After almost 4 months of maternity leave caring for her firstborn son, Marcus, she dove back into the classroom. Please pray for her as she adjusts to being back in the classroom.

CCS wishes to thank Mr. Jared Park who filled in admirably for Mrs. Garcia. Jared and his wife, Naldy, are preparing to leave for Chile in the near future to be involved in a church planting and camping ministry. To follow and pray for Jared and Naldy as they serve the Lord there, go to http://www.jaredpark.org/. The Lord has graciously provided all of their support, and they are now waiting for Naldy’s U.S. citizenship to be finalized which will allow for Jared’s permanent residence in Chile. Please pray that it happens soon.

January 21 marks the midway point of the 2nd trimester as well as the midway point of the school year. (Yes, it is flying by.) If you have not been checking your child’s grades on RenWeb, I would encourage you to do so at that time. If you have any concerns, please contact the teacher so that you may work together for your child’s success. Also, remember you should be able to see what your child is studying in each class as well as his/her homework for each class under Lesson Plan in RenWeb.

Below are some dates and events to remember. Further information will follow in future blogs and the Cougar Update.

January 19 - Martin Luther King Day - No School
February 7 - TSA Regionals
February 12 - All School Pastors’ Luncheon
February 16 - Presidents’ Day - No School
February 17 - Music Recital